Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seek Peace & Pursue It

The prophet Isaiah said, They do not know the way of peace (Isaiah 59:8).

Peace and righteousness are one. In heaven righteousness is not needed because heaven experiences no violence, even unrest is remotely possible. Just as God does not tire nor He gets weary, for He is Spirit, so shall we be also. God loves peace so much that He gave us darkness and called it the night, so that we might rest, and be refreshed, restored, because of our bodies need it and He knows that. On top of it all He gave us the Sabbath day to rest on; for He abhors all unrest, distress and any form of oppression. Just think about it...
Some people were brought up in stress. Others were beaten and abused. Still others were forced to perform beyond their abilities. In either case each was pushed, forced and abused.

It all depends how one interprets it, which results in either bitterness, unforgiveness or hatred. We need healing.

I speak of those sensitive ones, that stood bewildered and dumbfounded while watching the cruel and insensitive doing his wicked deed.

Let compassion and God's precious peace heal you now. In Matthew 14:14, we read that when Jesus felt compassion for people, He immediately healed the sick. It is not the overemphasized faith, but God's compassion that we need.

Faith in Jesus is miraculous because it’s a gift of God to us, just as it is written in Romans 10:17. It is not a miracle-working faith, one that creates nonexistent eyes or makes leprosy disappear, but the gift of faith in the Savior Jesus and His work at Calvary. The Son cannot reject someone who was drawn to Him by His Father.

“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him … For this reason I have said to you, that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted him from the Father” (John 6:44, 65). 

Based on this principle, I must temporarily lay aside my own interests to help someone else for the sake of the greater good. This is a gift from above. Looking down at the entire situation. The bird’s view vision from above reveals the truth; anything self-serving looks at things subjectively and narrowly from below. But why is it so? - The answer is quite simple - we carry war genes in us and cater to them on daily basis.

Imagine thousands of wars on this planet earth. Each of us carry genes of those who either have had killed or had been killed. In each case, our genes carry properties of violence, war, strife, unrest and stress. Now we are a bundle of these emotions which we try to unravel.

I think that the gracious God gave me the gift to to see it all, and to look into these things deeply and giving you a long lasting solution to your problems.

Please embrace God's gift to you in whatever form He sends it. Usually, He sends it in a form of another human being. So please, do not compare yourself with another human being, but rather discover the gift itself and draw from its substance.


Those that have abused you have been abused themselves. Those that dislike you have been disliked themselves. Those that hate you have been hated already. The cycle must be broken for if that cycle is not broken the cruel will continue wielding the upper hand over you. The cruel and ruthless; the insensitive and callous will continue doing his or her evi for an indefinite period of time. Who will tell them that it is wrong? You! You must stop it. But the problem lies in the resolve. Your ability to rise above you defeatism and weakness.

By feeding on knowledge and understanding of these things one is then able to rise above defeatism and confront the wiles of evil head on.
Mediocrity and narrow-mindedness is contentious and warlike. This bigotry must stop if one wants to be called an intelligent and civilized.

We have too many uncivilized people, they act in the limbic part of the brain and very much uncivilized cruel way. They pride themselves with the fact that they don't remember anything about hurting you. Even worse... They pride themselves with fact that they have forgotten; and so you should forget too. Others say that you are like the dog that returns to its vomit and licks it. They are so proud  of the fact that they have blocked it off, so s a result they have accumulated evil deeds, evil thoughts and evil emotions that will eventually destroy them. But they do not want to face them and resolve them. They keep on believing that everything will be fine, while the unresolved issues eat at the core of their being. - That believing is false. That faith is blind, and often that kind of faith is being propagated by some people in authority that hold a position of influence. Just think about it... Think about all those false things we have been subjected to.

Whether they have abused you verbally, emotionally, or physically they know that that they have done something wrong, but they keep on blocking it off just to find sanity in their lives. They block it off just to feel right. They choose blindness just to feel good about themselves... until the next time... and the next time... and then they keep on repeating the blocking just to forget their misery. They have become masters of the blocking-off of things that don't necessarily suit them or have become to them too bothersome.

Stay away from such people. These are wolves that will eat you up. They are not peacemakers, but act out the war genes in us (which are in all of us) and they sort of like it, for they feel that they overpower you. They feel that that they win, yet they struggle financially, They struggle socially, and they struggle emotionally. Yes. They are in great unrest and emotional upheaval. They need company in the same just to soothe their disposition a bit.

You do not belong in a company of such people for your peaceful stroll through life should not be disturbed. Choose wisely. Keep your eyes open. Distance yourself from anyone that tries to suck you into a confrontational kind of a contest without a viable reason.


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